I would like to tell you 5 must-see places in Osaka, a famous city in Japan.

The castle from the movie Happy Potter is located in Universal Studio in Osaka. Although it is available in the US, it is more convenient to go to Japan. There is Hogsmeade magic village where Harry buys things from the movie, and we made a 4D ride in the castle. Accessories from the movie, such as Hogwarts coats, wands, and brooms, can also be purchased.

Shinsekai and Tsutenkaku Tower

Shinsekai is a place built on the basis of New York and Paris in the early 20th century. Now that it has become a tourist attraction, it is not clear that they are based on New York and Paris when they do Japan. It’s a good place to take photos, and there are many Osaka restaurants, so I had lunch…

Osaka Castle

If you want to visit this famous Osaka Castle, I recommend going at the end of March when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom. You will be able to enjoy a very beautiful view, and there is also a museum inside the castle, so I went there.


If you go to Dotonbori, which is perfectly lit and beautiful, I recommend going at night. Countless bars for a night out. There are restaurants and souvenir shops. There, I ate Octopus Takoyaki, which is sold in competition with the big shops…

ShitennĊ-ji Temple

I want to visit a famous temple in Osaka. The special thing here is that this temple was the first Buddhist temple in Japan and was rebuilt in 1960. I rented kimonos and caught a beautiful photo there.