There are only Thingyan holidays because there are long holidays throughout the year. This is the best time of the year for a long vacation trip. Children’s schools are also closed. Father, mother, U U, Daw Daw also closed their offices. It’s the time when you get the rewards, so it’s the most convenient time for your body and mind to rest.

When you travel during Thingyan, let’s feel the atmosphere of Myanmar New Year’s Thingyan. For the traditional fans, I recommend where to go so as not to get lost.


First of all, one place that I would like to encourage you to visit during Thingyan is Bagan land, the heart of Myanmar. Since it’s Thingyan, there aren’t many tourists in Bagan like other holidays. The cute children from the beautiful highlands of our country, You can also enjoy playing with foreign tourists.

In Bagan Old City and New City, you can get a more upland atmosphere on the old side of Bagan City. You can continue to the villages near Bagan and Pakukku on the other side of the Irrawaddy. During the weekend, Bagan papa If you still have time with Pakokku, you can continue your journey to Monywa. In the Hmong village of Bodhi, there are many tourists during Thingyan.

Kalaw or Natma from Chin State

Just hearing the names will make me feel cold. In Thingyan Din Kalo, there is a little bit of water play, but in Chin Pyi Lake, there is almost no water play. Those who want to go to the mountains but are afraid of the cold, and those who want to travel without swimming in Thingyan water, are areas that are especially convenient.

It will be a trip that will make you happy and calm while reading a book and taking pictures with the beautiful natural scenery in the mountain area at the hotel accommodations in Kanpalet near Nat Ma Taung.

If you’re in Kalaw, you can spend the weekend happily taking beautiful photos while riding a bicycle around Palaung Mountain. If you continue your journey from Kalok to Inlay Lake, it is the most suitable season.


It is impossible to travel to the beaches during Thingyan. However, I would like to encourage you to go to Ngli, where the number of tourists is less than that of Khao Tha and Sang Sang. There are more beautiful views. The Thingyan pavilions and water games on the beach are also unique.

You can play in the Rakhine traditional water play pavilion at Ngapali beach and have fun at the studio pavilions. At night, together with the campfire, the children gather together to sing songs, which is a joy that cannot be found anywhere.

No matter when or where you travel, we want you to think carefully about the principle of waste disposal in order to promote regional development and long-term sustainability. Folk fans, please share what you’re going to do this year on Thingyan … where you’re going to travel. During the long weekend of Thingyan, avoid the summer heat and create an unforgettable trip.