Does that sound strange? Banana is a fruit rich in many nutrients and carbohydrates. It has vitamin B6, B12 Contains magnesium and potassium. After eating that banana, they just throw away the peel. Now, various methods and useful images of banana peels, which are considered waste, are described.
10 useful pictures of banana peel

(1) Makes teeth white and bright
Brush your teeth with a banana peel for a minute every day. After about a week, your teeth will be as white and bright as pearls.

(2) Can kill warts
It is said that you can kill warts with a banana peel and root them so that they don’t happen again. Where there are warts
Just rub it with a banana peel or leave it on overnight.

(3) You can also eat
You can eat banana peels. There are Indian recipes made with banana peels. It is also said to be used to make chicken tender.

(4) Acne disappears
If you massage your face and body with a banana peel for 5 minutes a day, acne will disappear. It is said that the result can be noticeable in about a week.

(5) Reduce wrinkles
Banana peel can hydrate the skin. Mash the banana peel and add the egg yolk. After stirring, apply the mixture on the face. In 5 minutes, you will have a new face.

(6) relieves pain
Put the banana peel on the painful area and stick it. After 30 minutes, the pain will subside. You can also apply it mixed with some kind of oil.

(7) Psoriasis skin problem can be treated
Place a banana peel on the psoriasis skin lesion. It has a moisturizing effect and also relieves itching. It heals skin sores faster and relieves them faster.

(8) Bed bug bites can be treated
mosquito bites Rub a banana peel on the bed bug bite. It will relieve pain and itching.

(9) I can wear shoes
shoes If you rub gold and silver with a banana peel, it will shine more.

(10) UV protection
Banana peels can protect the eyes from the dangers of ultraviolet rays. Rub the banana peel on the eyelids after exposing it to the sun for a while. It will reduce the risk of developing glaucoma.

The important thing is –

Bananas must be fresh, unpeeled fruit.
Peel the banana and don’t leave the flesh like that for a long time.
Eat immediately after peeling. Similarly, use the peel immediately after peeling.
Store bananas in a cool, dry place.
Never refrigerate the shells.
After using the banana peel, on the street Do not leave in crowded places.
Dispose of properly in the trash.