In today’s era, the issue of using social media is like a part of daily life. Usage time is high and there is excessive usage. I became addicted.

Social media was originally created for interpersonal communication and information sharing, but today it has become much more than that. economy social Marriage It is becoming a center of politics.

For young people, it can be said to be an essential fun way for daily life as well as an outlet. So, using social media full time, It’s not just that they’re holding the phone and can’t put it down, it’s very strange.

The current time is the period of COVID-19, and the amount of social media usage by individuals has increased even more. To know updated information and relax.

Although social media is meant to be happy, it is not good for mental health. bone muscle It can bring eye health and social problems, so if you use it too much, it will be uncomfortable. You may feel unconscious.

Social media in particular has been scientifically proven to lead to mental health problems. While the emotional impact of COVID-19 is minimal, excessive use of social media will have a significant impact on mental health.

To avoid this situation, it is necessary to reduce the use of social media. If you think your daily social media usage has become too much, you can simply reduce it with the following methods.