This press has already entered, If you want to do nothing, I don’t want to think anymore. They eat food as if they don’t care about anything.

At this time, the eating time is not correct, Research has found that poor food choices can worsen mental health. I learned that food not only affects the body but also the mental health.

People with depression may experience worsening symptoms if they eat these foods –

(1) Sweet food

stress They say that when you are angry, you crave sweets. They believe that if you give them something to eat, it will relieve depression. In fact, the refined sugars in these foods can make depression worse.

Eating sweets can give you a momentary high, but it can quickly come back down. Due to the problem of fluctuating blood sugar, in the end, only hunger and irritability remain, and anxiety, He said he could not relieve the symptoms of depression.

(2) Artificial sugar

An artificial sugar called aspartame can make depression worse. Aspartame can reduce the release of serotonin, a hormone associated with mood and happiness, which can worsen symptoms in people with depression.

In addition, headache, Rapid mood swings There may still be trouble sleeping at night.

(3) Processed food

Processed meat Fried friends, If you eat a lot of fast food such as high-fat dairy products, it can make depression symptoms worse. Eat only fresh foods.

(4) Coffee

I think that if I drink coffee, I will be refreshed. It’s a big mistake to think that sitting in a coffee shop and thinking when you’re upset is relaxing.

When you drink a lot, the caffeine in coffee makes you drowsy. In addition to heart palpitations, it can disrupt sleep. Insomnia Stress from lack of sleep It made the depression worse.

(5) Energy drinks

Drinking energy drinks to make you feel fresh and energetic can lead to irregular heart rhythms, increased anxiety, It can lead to problems such as insomnia. Sometimes it’s just a yes, and the long-term effects can make depression worse.

They have artificial sugar, All the caffeine combined will have worse effects than the above foods.

(6) Alcohol

I drink alcohol because I’m angry. They don’t understand that drinking beer will make them more angry. Alcohol disrupts sleep.

Even when sleeping, the body is not really resting. Because you can’t sleep soundly, you will feel the negative effects of alcohol as well as the effects of sleep deprivation.