With the support of Air Asia Myanmar Airlines, I visited Koh Samet Island in Thailand.

The beaches along the island are white sand and the sea water is clear emerald green.

After having lunch at a restaurant on the beach, we went out to sea by speed boat to see underwater fish.

Before going underwater, we stop at an island for a short time and train for 20 minutes on the shore with a snorkel.

Shells are scattered on the island and the sea water is so clear that you can clearly see some fish swimming on the shore. After that, they continued their journey and stopped at a sea full of fish. Sea sunfish of various colors under the water; Because of the natural reefs, I even forgot to breathe. We were given 3 hours to see the underwater fish, but we were so happy and amazed that we thought the time passed too quickly. I also regret not having an underwater camera.

Before returning to Koh Samet, we stopped at a small island to eat fruit.

After that, they continued their trip back to Koh Samet Island and played surfing on the beach for a while.

Rest until dinner at Sai Kaew Beach Resort on the beach. In the evening, it’s a pleasure to enjoy the fresh sea air, eat delicious seafood, and watch the beautiful and mysterious fire dance performance.

Transportation along the trip Food I would like to thank Air Asia Myanmar Airlines for their care and support in every aspect of living.